how many people it takes to be a humanity, a world? / Quante persone servono per essere un’Umanità, un Mondo? / De câţi oameni este nevoie ca să fim o Umanitate, o Lume?

valeriu dg barbu



Hunger – Part II  / La Fame – Parte II  /  Foamea – partea a II a

We percentages and not … souls

We live in a world of statistics, are “head”, a number, part of one percent …

What percentage, how per a thousand, how, how …

What percentage of the money of world is spends … against humanity?

What percentage of food produced worldwide every day end up in the trash?

What percentage of food purchased by we in a year, end up into the trash?

What percent of those born today will have to repeat our mistakes?

The progress is dynamic, but vices and virtues are always the same. Moral oscillates… around the same sins and is defined by what …each allow their children to do or not to do …

Each field of manufacturing, of services, of administration… put our on heads… a percentage, we…

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