Hunger / La fame / Foamea

valeriu dg barbu


From all times, humanity has suffered two major types of hunger: the food and the image of the self …

To we responding ourselves,  how much spend we on food, what kind of food and how for the image,  and what kind  of image? …

How much of what fills  our shopping cart,  to supermarket,  is really a need?

What is needed? Vital or desires …? Passion to buy, or is a serious echo of deprivations we have in childhood?

Hunger of importance often exceeds that of food. To be  “somebody”, although the word would still  “anonymous” … by anonymity… just we run …!

Self-esteem is a virtue and a “measure” of love the neighbor. How to love your neighbor as myself if I was not I am…  love for me?

Self-esteem is nourished… with that respect received to others, with your usefulness to them.

But it is a very…

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