Jolly impetuous…

valeriu dg barbu


I deal with growth to Big Nothing… pretending I’m  Jolly Joker into this life creamy

until when… God

surprised me with the hand introduced until the elbow into

the bucket with illusions …

said just so: “ops! …” – and with a gesture showed me the door from factory of birds

“Today you … ‘ll repair birds,  the first of all begin with…”

and gave me a comma engraved on the sky crammed with

crippled prayers, returning these are penitently

In passing, I learned that Death is no longer a virgin, that our clocks are

actually like .. impostors …

and  „the door – egg”, by which I was thrown into the world has two thresholds –

So behold, a door with two thresholds and between… is my life

grizzled smile, you know … like rain

you remember? … – I showed you, raining and suddenly

first flake


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