Seduction … / Seduzione… / Seducţie

valeriu dg barbu



of  thread by thoughts if I’d be tissue a canvas 

and laced with kisses … and I would have made ​​a fine gown

and then if you undress

would I find… the same woman? …


silently, I chew the leaf that Eva wore to her first meeting

after the eden

I am wondering if I have evolved since then, Adam credulous …

you, with sandals by snakeskin, impose to me the apple

in the form of jam, apple strudel, shampoo


Hey! .. you move so nervous … or scratch the dress? –

the love thorny and foolish – come on, do not cry,

nor Joan of Arc was not so virgin, leaves you

in my rain slowly and keep floating up, where … is not the up, without you


would you believe that you … just for me have both breasts, when I have only…

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