the madman / il pazzo / nebunul

valeriu dg barbu


. . .want, want, want … (no, is not a echo, but the fact that you want to infinity)
did you want growth, growth…
you to be always the star… on the piece of scene from your life
you wanted the power, power, and above all … to be loved
everything you wanted … was allowed, what have you done with him?
now, where are the great victories, where the applause …?
an “I and an “I want” are demons, but woe
if you stop to want … (here is the moral,
education of the language of commercial, the society … – this is crappy)
if you stop at will, in some way, you would be taken as a loser,
if not, in the case happy, like a fool
everything is apparently, false, manipulation … …
you’re the slave of some rules
and who decides the norms for normality?

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