imminent flight / volo imminente / zborul iminent

valeriu dg barbu


just roasted the seeds of dreams become good

of  morning to crunch alone, on empty heart …

the cold sweat at the secondary needle of the clock gives them the salt

I just found out that the first infarction has a taste of

first love (when you kissed her… often times than the she knew)

and… begin to you grow a kind of wings … but not on the shoulders …

I just found out that in the peak of secondary needle … is eternity,

indeed, it is a bit ‘wrong … when dreams

always crunch it greedy, with fist, suddenly …

I just have a strange joy …  I will learn to fly

and… then there will be a long time … without a stopping point …


soltanto tostati i semi dei sogni …diventano buoni

la mattina a sgranocchiare da solo, a stomaco vuoto

il sudore freddo della lancetta…

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