the forsaking / l’abbandono … / părăsire…

valeriu dg barbu



spend the hill … a procession,  slipping through soft clay

and wind that is round

it’s heading slowly to seas the salt into the depths of amnesia

and forgiveness

this wedding without godparents has  the guests,  bizarre statues

just the gaze remained hard,  to break through beyond the horizon rough

procession gathered hastily ..  are poor my memories, hostile,  wastage of

bitterness, when she seemed abundance in the my youth, with his yoke lofty

Now, in wandering continuously going, satiated of bitter in cold gourd, painted inside

only with lime

the shadow of this sad exodus,  that murmured requiem… is my body

emptied of meaning, by the wants and every passion, former a roar yesterday

– just clay,  is something concrete into this shriveled picture

the procession, even would take a upwards,  also in the clay would walk again

because as here and is in the heaven


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