archaeology into shell of time / archeologia nel guscio del tempo / arheologie în coaja timpului

valeriu dg barbu


digging out

I discovered my skull in a previous life

I it him out pull, it him rotate in my hands … and I do not understand, would you say

that I laughed…  when I died …

I discovered the skeleton, and that I had a lack rib

which means that … I was married erstwhile

look, and a whole finger indicating toward me, I, at present

I was the back straight ,  on that time I did not know reverences.

what times …! – adjacent is and a small pitcher of wine, a bow …

So, it hunt, they cultivate vines, he it loved … not as now

digging out

I discovered the archaeologist tools …

of present-day



ho scoperto il mio cranio in una vita precedente

l’ho tirato fuori, l’ho ruotato tra le mani … e non mi capisco, vuoi dire

che ridevo … allora…

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