phoenix of stone / phoenix di pietra / phoenix de piatră

valeriu dg barbu


.the commercial language makes us dishonest…

to we reinvent greetings heart

“Hello” a free smile, a generous gesture

“Hello” by ceding a instead in the bus

– risking the even to we stay standing all …and empty seats

“Hello” most beautiful memories when

we were helped absolutely disinterested …at difficult

to we reinvent the oneself, Phoenix of stone …we are …

statues vivante, dizzy…

simply to be good, nor it would be difficult

at the wedding of life not to be nobody missing …

The Earth would become Sun and God

would return home, here, where we are close

to we lose and…  one the second paradise.


il linguaggio commerciale ci rende disonesti

reinventiamoci il saluto del cuore

“Ciao” di un sorriso gratuito, un gesto generoso

“Ciao” di un lasciarci posto nel bus

– rischiando anche di rimanere tutti in piedi… e i posti vuoti

“Ciao” di… ricordi più…

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