like some sharp tools… / come degli strumenti taglienti… / ca nişte instrumente ascuţite…

valeriu dg barbu


we are pleased wounding

we always dreamed happiness on others account

claiming more, than to we wait, leaving us

even if they reach of wave of occurrences

to needs of others

selfish bad we burn any skill

life passes away from us

we are pleased to do evil and then

we cry, blame at fate.

there is no desire for self-sacrifice

just love behind a  “because”

humility of love, that might raise us, scares us

accustomed to be us too selfish, we thank the

only to receive again and again and again …

and we find in claiming the nests

one clip of eyelash and… end

life has crossed, all I got is a wastage

and we remain to believe that I was the just tools

on the road of those who knew live fully …


siamo contenti ferirci

sempre sul conto degli altri sognare la nostra felicità

pretendere di…

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