we are butterflies / noi siamo farfalle / noi suntem fluturi

valeriu dg barbu


we are worms in the wound called Earth, we are butterflies

caught in the spider web, dial of sky

grizzled butterflies … and the mirrors hypocritical show us

the majestic owners of this Earth …

by at birth we have engraved in us the death

as a barcode to which all we try to remove it, somehow

with nails sticked till to the bone

we are,  so good and that we are, wrong longer perceive the verb to be

the love is not a sacrifice, but a pretension and a right

us anymore we divide in the tiers absurd, pretending to be us specialists in the something

we are,  so well that we are, what evil lurks us Death

by the surveillance cameras mounted everywhere into us

without right to privacy

we are, so well that we are,  butterflies in jeans, butterflies in miniskirt

butterflies with ear headphones and…

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