superhuman / sovrumano / neomeneşte

valeriu dg barbu


the light of your eyes is syrup of stars

soft veil of water from your whisper, wraps me

your touch is deep vibration, sound emerged so …catch heights too up –

is the touch of soul, we not have body since when we love

we love, else, superhuman, we do love as two raindrops

we go together like two breezes of the wind among the crags

we eat like two flames embraced and we sleep into a sphere

cupping of hands of heaven, in bedding of the scent of musk  and of

plains after summer rain … – This love is unnatural

accustomed as I was so far only with social norms, label and claims,

not,  barely now we love or… just barely now  we were born


la luce dei tuoi occhi è sciroppo di stelle

soffice velo d’acqua dal tuo sussurro, mi avvolge

il tuo tocco è vibrazione profonda…

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