what do you want … / cosa vuoi te … / ce vrei tu…

valeriu dg barbu

Motto: want imminent happiness – what do you make of this?

you just want to get – you know what to do with wealth?

I love and so… I never get bored,
invent worlds
I become coal in your fire – and what you want … counts
to would not want anything, it would be the same as a desire
I would like to … do not want anything … To tell the truth, so, I want everything…
I, for one, I want the juvenility, is the unique the most beautiful illusion
and I could have it
if I will opened the cage from other countless hoary illusions
but, just what you want counts…


Motto: vuoi imminente felicità – sai cosa fare di questa?

vuoi soltanto ricevere – sai che cosa fare con la ricchezza?

Io amo e così, non mi annoio mai,
invento dei mondi
divento il carbone nel…

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