life as a simulated orgasm / la vita come un orgasmo simulato / viaţa ca un orgasm simulat

valeriu dg barbu

we smile in the mirror, she actually smiles,
we remain inwardly devastated by illusions and fears …
we are extremely courteous, we greet neighbors in passing,
hurried and false …
see you events of the world at news, we are terrified… a millisecond –
rejoicing us that not happened to us
we invent expectations …that carries us into bondage
and we hide in the pile of useless things that cost us a fortune …
we live precariously by simulating any … spending the money, and so few, to show others
that we are at least one rank higher than in reality …
if I return inside out, like a shirt
you will see it just a wound
what-if from today I will walk naked through the world, free by
all rules, all hypocrites …
life as a simulated orgasm depresses me and I would not want
as the sole real…

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