get out, but without luggage, clearly! … / vattene, ma senza bagagli, chiaro!… pleacă, dar fără bagaje, clar!…

valeriu dg barbu

trelingual texout of love you can not leave with luggage, it does not leave residues

but merely wounds – on which afterwards these… we display sumptuously as trophies
in true love there is no disappointment, but, wholly burnt
we are just poor sounds, we can not be simultaneously and the instruments
so, nobody can use by us…
any fear in this regard is unfounded …
everything we receive as a gift from Heaven, we seems to be of our, own
into reality, we do nor belong to ourselves –
we are receptacles already full, no space … nothing can be added …
out of love can not one ever get out
it remains as an alter ego, as a third shade, as a curse
and to enter … we enter on the unknowingly… well as into life


dall’amore non si può uscire con i bagagli, lei non lascia i…

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