Ode to the great failures … / Ode per i grandi fallimenti … / Odă marilor eşecuri…

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text


we celebrate with great pomp failures
not to reward virtues, but often condemning …
we will put our finger heeltaps’s at how is gnawed and permanent
tireless directed towards just another, anyone else and never by
the “self”, which yeast of inflated ego to give the sides, but not as is due…
we celebrate the decline, singing ode of failures and poverty of spirit and absurd needs
rascals, waster, upstart, are the rulers brought before as being the heroes of this time …
are stigmatized they who remain entire of life obedient, servant of honor, creation, work, fulfilling of fate …
today villains are of price, crowd puts forward and then them impugn, so giving them more magnifying
the peel off the wound of the world will always be alive… as long as we are submissive of wrong standards
and our common language remains only one by exchange…

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