smaller events, with unpredictable end… / eventi minori, con finale imprevedibile … / întâmplări minore… cu final imprevizibil

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

I recite a poem at the grocery store
the grocer immediately called an ambulance
I recite the same poem in the ambulance, the assistants, laughing I leave to go away
this is the text: “ye will not ever have
so many flying horses, as have… the poets
therefore, there ye will hurt the chest, of so many traces of horseshoes
ye tears will go barefoot …
ye will never have so many unanswered questions
as have the poets
so, ye can live a different kind of peace, ye heart giving ye rustling, clanking,
banknotes and coins will run in the veins…
the dignity of the poet dying of hunger is not a holiness
only his poetry still unwritten that him accompanying… beyond, it is”
I turned on my streets with millions of… statues that walk
I went into my cave on the 9th floor

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