infusions of confusions / infusioni di confusioni / infuzii de confuzii

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

the harlequin enters the scene, a solemn moment
he immediately noticed that in the room, full however, was not even a baby
stood motionless an eternity of a second, then
simultaneously tried to mimic and the flight and the humiliation
a sharp silence he had taken control of the universe
swallow the presumptive applause, swallow the alleged poetic gesture
unfinished …
the harlequin, frustrated, so decided to become a politician … and then
the people always confuse them both either the genuine harlequin
either politician … with clowns
or if not, voters are somehow … really clowns…


l’Arlecchino entra in scena, un momento solenne
ha subito notato che nella stanza, piena però, non era nemmeno un bambino
rimase immobile un’eternità di un secondo, poi
contemporaneamente cercato di imitare sia il volo che l’umiliazione
un silenzio tagliente aveva preso il controllo dell’universo
ingoiava gli applausi…

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