you’re born grandfather / te sei nato nonno / tu te-ai născut bunic

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text


the ballad of a tomorrow sings a complicated machine
technology of smiles is obsolete – next stop is the sadness station, as large as the era,
accomodates in her, generations inox

where it starts the well, and where evil the ends?
– Grandpa, you’re born precisely grandfather, I can not see you child
yes, you should know…

how I take my hopes of your alive stories?
the contrasts I grinds my day and soul
Grandpa, you hear? The prayers … they return back prayers of your parents, you see?
why they dreamed peace, what is it peace?

their forgotten ballad, sung to thee now, only whispered
former stone porch the altar, is strange, otherwise he touch the quadrant,
otherwise the smile
where it ends the good.. and evil begin? You know it… you should know
only you’re born grandfather …


la ballata di un domani la canta una…

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