A ritual on the planet Squerox – fantastic story / Un rituale sul pianeta Squerox – storia fantastica / Un ritual pe planeta Squerox – poveste fantastică

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

… In ancient times, on a blue sphere, were living people.
When they reached the pinnacle of their science, on their sphere there more was nothing without being moved out from its place.
The topography, the depths, all, passed through modeling with pain and waste.
Nature (as it was called the environment from which they sprang these beings, humans) it was crouched under the burden of ideals of knowledge, of conquest, of power and greed.
How much more has became smarter, with so… were less little wise
Because cleverness, my daughter, is baggage of knowledge collected and its use for a give loading of moment, in order not leave empty future. The wisdom, but, is inspired; it is intuition of eternity and care for increase in all that is lasting and… renunciation of
all that is hostile to the beauty of the universe.
My ancestors, my dear, once…

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