syrup from earth / sciroppo della terra / siropul pământului

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

here is the syrup – the anthroposphere means seven billion tears,
moans crystalline

we love the children as the bearers of water jugs
to old age – how much water will use us?

the rustle, and their aspirations to grow large, it gives us vertigo –
we give them an education, our same mistakes made

for a time, we are too young to understand
then, we are experiencing the failures that end up too late to understand

core of age hides a major accident, never the calendars
just a moment you will be credible, glorious and beloved – the rest are the echoes…

children do not have any obligation to become what we were not able us
the inalienable rights of their failing, are sacred

anthroposphere means seven billion tears
view from up there, the planet is a tear of the Lord – we, the old the bearers…

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