daily concerns, luster to in vain… – preoccupazioni quotidiane, lustro invano … – griji cotidiene, lustrul zadarului…

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

our torment is to make interesting days
we are afraid of platitude,
we climb dizzy, we descend dizzy
light decreases shade until to a point
implosion of this point is the distance between fears
when we are here, we is longing for there
when we get there, we miss here, the longing become thus a vice
this point it increase, and in he the vices and the virtues are often a confuses
we collect compassions and we make parade of feelings irreconcilable
only the selfless gesture is interestingly, although, you not can do
if not it is necessary … – the critical point must be protected just of our indifference …so


il nostro tormento è di fare giorni interessanti
abbiamo paura di banalità,
saliamo nelle vertigini, scendiamo nelle vertigini
la luce diminuisce all’ombra fino ad un punto
l’implosione di questo punto è la distanza tra le paure

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