disenchantment – disincanto – descântec

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text


for forgetfulness,
for the fate hypocritical, for colours broken under the eyelash
for the worship of pagan gods and exorcised veins
to get you out of my illness,
I crush you with a kiss the whisper on that you wanted
to you say me, at bad hour
I to live as well lived
one second the flower that… you soldering then at chest,
I to get drunk as well Nikita and I to cry your right heel,
on you to I drink you as on a poison, as a cure took by at witch,
I to you bite, as on a bread and
with blood converted into oblivion, destiny greedy, the sad drunkenness
I to get drunk as well Nikita
to you I write lyrics on the handkerchief and … to I fall asleep in sleep the chemical
then, awakened
just a chink of beaker carved from the…

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