I am the robber – Io sono il ladrone – eu sunt tâlharul

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

candle aura  I am the robber
but, how I find out if are at the left or to your right? …
I’m the one that flips over world this the cup of venom, or
I’m the one forgiven, and I climb in paradise with thee? …
Thy resurrection, O Christ, disturbs the my meanings
from so much light, my blindness increases
how to I rejoice in this body of salt
how to I rejoice in my soul that descends hell…
I’m the robber …I took as a suppli, the courage by indifference
and I wore it with pride as a road, I thought I, the man,
I’m eternal, because they I’m the master to seconds …
that for the earth are his king and I can with the power
to learn, to defeat any mysteries and … oh,
I am the robber and… what I have kept of the…

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