please – per favore – vă rog frumos

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text


I beg you, someone to make my acquaintance with me, I do not know me…
Who are, between everyone… so many “myself”, who am I without the body?
Who is the body, when I go away from him … sometimes?
Hey, make quiet – I say for the same “myself” – ye will not longer crammed
someday you’ll find the door closed, door non-door …
– But now, I wonder, who writes here? too learned to be the one that only read
please, someone, to show me on myself, thank you, – thrilled / ex thrilled …

self3Vi prego, qualcuno di farmi conoscenza con me, io non mi conosco…
chi sono, tra tutti … tanti “io”, chi sono io senza il corpo?
Chi è il corpo, quando vado via da lui … a volte
ehi, silenzio – dico io per gli stessi “io” – non vi spingete…

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