poem with wounds – poema con le ferite – poem cu răni

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

pass the children’s, supported in sticks, the times are lame,
that has been dragging their boots, too big, or … the road…
the street is a lanky hospital
they were born on a dial virused
numb, insensitive, the mothers suspended in gangway
between block of former delusions and manufactory of dark
they live in a tear
the gland of hope is obstructed, she bleeds
everywhere is crucified Jesus, the only mercy, his eyes bent
towards the children, already born elders, they go; we shall suppose that become angels
when in fact they are there soldiers that defend the light
the wort of civilization flows slowly…
we will have to reinvent the smile on the faces of the children,
the ones too powerful, by their good intentions, have abolished happiness to innocence
future is already an open wound
and Jesus … it seems, is no longer able…

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