your true belief – la tua vera fede – adevărata ta credinţă

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

Motto: 1 –Either we think we have freedom of choice, or destiny, together they can not be …
2 –Road to eternity, paradoxically, passes through at least one death…

What you saint: the coffee to morning,
impeccable stripe on pants,
the news in brief from seven o’clock,
the crowded subway, gate of institution, the card,
dentist appointments, a park bench,
the weekend spent at the only friend who supports you
and supports you, since you do not get more complaints about your problems…
What you have saint: the shopping cart in the supermarket,
the idea of church, watching her from the window of the bus, when you do not read the newspaper
and to you seems like a simple architectural element … What you saint:
collection of CDs, showcase with badges, the horoscope of the last page,
public own image, the chatter around your…

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