evil eye of the robots – malocchio dei robot – deochiul roboţilor

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text


I don’t seem to find my shadow.. would it be hiding in the space between failures?
The robots of this super technological era gave me the evil eye
they’re trying to convert me to cyber gods… they want to clone my soul..
I am walking like a madman, first step in my shoe,
then, the next with my shoe, the road behind erases itself, it disappears..
my fresh chagrins camp on the corridors of my heart..
through a game of optical illusions, somehow, I start to cure myself of absences
I can’t help noticing the digging of the hands of minutes,
the archeology of an unset future – something is wasted..
Body or light, body or light, body or light…

(Michaela thanks for helping me to translate this text in English)

non riesco a trovare la mia ombra, si annida in una pausa fra gli insuccessi?

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