you can, you simply can… – tu puoi, tu proprio puoi … – poţi, tu chiar poţi…

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text


you can be silent in whisper, and you can be silent aloud
you can do diet of words, gesticulating or talking as in Chat
consonantal with embarrassing abbreviations
you can chew paper of all the books you’ve read and forgotten, or preserved
as a decor snob in your library
you can drink a cup of coffee in a hurry, or drink with his lips pursed, drop by drop
You can use spray flavored bacon and garlic, instead of lunch

but you can not breathe once yes, once no
you can not love what does not exist
you can not unsubscribe from the list of Death
You can not fool another without fooling yourself at the end
you can fly if you want, if … you want…
but without love you’re like a bird with a wing, or a third wing
and if even you’re flying, maybe, you can…

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