only one who climbs, knows – solo uno che si arrampica, lo sa – doar cel care urcă, ştie…

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text


The galaxies are made of bone
The moon is an archangel’s kneecap
You could already see, if you wanted to, even with your teeth, the overlaying frames
The cosmic flour leavened in your weak built, don’t be surprised
If even the abyss is not what you thought it was
The memory of wind grown old on mountain ridges deceives you
The snows are poor and clean, ephemeral brides
Don’t trust appearances
The upward is not upward, only the one who climbs knows, the whole skeleton of the universe resembles you
Less in your pride
The overlaying frames, skies over skies,
Breath them in, they’re made of flesh,
Nerve endings and cartilages… and this way, you breath yourself in, you chew yourself up, you are in everything
When you put your soul on display ( version translate by Michaela)



le galassie sono d’osso
la Luna è una rotula…

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