Genealogy… with cartoons – genealogie… con i fumetti – genealogie… cu desene animate

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

I am merely a tree drawn on a wall by a teenager girl in love
In 1968
The worlds that stretch on this side and that of the wall are not parallel enough
Diligently, Time installed barb wire on top of the wall
It lays camouflaged in clouds and passing rains, which from time to time grow old as well,
Because even the rain grows old, oxidizes while laughing at the frequent claims of spring coming
During one of the summers of the 80’s, in full fever of Modern Talking and the real rock&roll… Woody landed on the trunk of the drawn tree
The roguish woodpecker
Quickly, even though thoroughly, only she could combine these two vices,
Woody made a series of holes to the core
Eating all the worms of pride, misunderstanding, bare expectations…
And it was… love
Meanwhile, Woody became obsolete, the tree remained hollowed

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