bluntly – schiettamente – fără menajamente

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text


dear friend, too many pleasantries are wasted, tell me
if my name sounds to you… like an echo on running far away
we will still need a life to share the bitterness that we have collected
each in his own account, as a price for the victories…
You know what, come on, to we drink the wine by life, even if it is dry, and also warm
we do not dilute it with water … not cool it by putting it between us…
my friend, I can not say that I care about you not prove it, but you should know that
in one day, in one day, the echo will swallow us naked, without a name
and every intention will fall obliquely, only then you will understand
what does the late
so, without pleasantries, tell me now, to how much you’re there yet, to how I still…

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