Life as a second hand good – la vita a …seconda mano – viaţa la second hand

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text


Sometimes our story resumes to
what we are willing to do for money
the will to compromise
over more than what we love,
something that would not be called a compromise, but normal sacrifice…
We feel that our story starts at the moment
when we fall in love…
Each one of us lives the illusion that his own novel is a best seller
And then, the deciding point comes, life running its inventory,
Pluses and minuses, at the same, and if you want to analyze it yourself
You will discover that you are missing from it
Or that the ideas of too late and too early are happening at the same time
And that you didn’t love yourself on an equal scale with the love you shared with your close ones..
And that any compromise is a blade with two sides…
Our story is interrupted, choked
like an…

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