I am staying still – ancora sto – stau

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text


I am hanging paradoxes on a wire like clothes to dry on a rainy day
Laziness is today more diligent than the drive to accomplish great deeds
With which the friend-foe mornings are trying to gun me down
My feeling good is a sort of sickness, a dull and hostile feeling
Something between too much and in vain
Idealistic only… I am asking for it!… for the dim sparkle of that far away victory light
In forests, I see first the roots, not the leaves,
In rivers, I see first the beds restricting the liberty of waves and a sort of pessimism
Makes me a promise like an unwritten mile marker, the pencil stays in my hand
Like a cane for senile words
Aware that I am moving towards something even now when
I am sitting in defiance, I am still, I am still like the extra raindrop,

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