from the children – per gli bambini – copiilor

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text


ye can not believe this, but there are millions of children without food, no medicine, no clothes, no shelter, no toys, they just smile bitterly and sometimes only have hope…
we say every First of June „happy children’s day” for this istheir day but…
we kill the child within us with indifference
we killed ourselves with commercial language, accepting that speculators of the planet extort wealth from the blood of children, of our blood…
children can not just be a statistical figures, they are alive and the planet’s future that began yesterday…
June first become a day of reflection


voi non potete credere, ma ci sono milioni di bambini senza cibo, senza medicine, senza vestiti, senza riparo, senza giocattoli, semplicemente sorrisi amari e, talvolta, solo la speranza …
diciamo ogni 1 giugno “tanti auguri” per il loro giorno, ma …
uccidiamo il bambino dentro di noi con l’indifferenza

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