short circuit / cortocircuito / scurt-circuit

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


Motto:to see the sky through the eyes of a leaf
And not to expect more compassion
Than hands reaching out
The skill of giving is learned through receiving and you already did
How much did you build on your own from soul and matter?
The things bought through sweat and negotiations
Are short term illusions
Help me understand: I was longing, being unemployed,
For the liberty of a social responsibility, to be useful somehow,
Today this liberty seems like a yolk, I, an ox pulling next to
Many others around a still plow
I was longing, having nobody to love, to have the liberty of giving myself
Furiously, totally,
Today this liberty seems like a job, I am the bread maker,
The oven bakes heart shaped breads and very few still want bread nowadays
The vast majority are after Christmas bread, some lost soul wants sesame…

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