the shame – vergogna – ruşinea

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


In nudism, false modesty, established standards
You can never teach the heart without throwing it into the centrifuge..

First centrifuge hides well in clocks
Another, in the parade of imagined or irreconcilable feelings
Another yet, in coward hesitations

It’s a shame to walk the streets of the town, naked
Why, one can’t see behind the impeccable smartness of clothes
The soul ravaged by hostile nudities, when one uses the eye sockets to see the world around

I experimented with shame in different overlapped formats:
I wore shackles, I pulled down my pants in public, I begged at train stations,
I did my necessities on the street
I did a woman in a gangway, on a garage door.. the old hags would comment in awe:
“sweet lord, that’s why it doesn’t rain !..” and the Done-one would throw over the shoulder
While walking away
Like a satyr : “I…

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