forgetful foxes, frolic on dials – volpi smemorate, zampettando sul quadrante – vulpi uituce, zburdă pe cadrane

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


I didn’t see hares, or roosters wearing fox fur collars around their necks
The mind can’t love more than the aura does, because
You can only forget with your mind
Even though we first fall in love with appearances,
wrappers, suppositions and disillusioned expectations, idealizing to the brink of madness
I never saw Death showing off, wearing human skin scarves around her neck
Oblivion is a cure for sublime pains, for youth, for life
You could forget everything, even the smell of your favorite flower
Even the oblivion itself, but they all come back to you eventually
Only one thing you will forget for good, the way back
Dotted with hares, roosters, foxes, foxes, unending foxes…


Non ho visto lepri o galli o indossando pelliccia di volpe al collo…
La mente non può amare più dell’aura, perché
si può dimenticare solo con la mente
Anche se ci s’innamora…

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