Can of Poetry in its own Juice – poesia in scatola, nel sugo proprio – conservă de poezie în suc propriu

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


I feel like summer
Outside it bursts with tits – the shore contains
9% sand, 74% footprints, and the rest, secrets, the sea keeps besieging them
In vain
I feel like again
Outside, the longing, like a shirt pulled out of pants and knotted,
Chases me until I forget and take the shore for the sea, just the same
A corkscrew shell pulls out childhood’s plug, the wind sings it

Poetry is consumed on an empty heart
When the wave washes the sand off of hearts and
The notebook of the sea shows itself pious as a virgin and it is not written in human
In a metallic fashion, summer dresses the night in scent of shells


Sento l’estate
al di fuori l’esplodono le tette – riva del mare contiene
9% di sabbia, 74% impronte delle suole, dei rimanenti misteri, il mare mette sempre un grande assedio

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