riding a wave, together – sulla cresta dell’onda, insieme – pe val, împreună

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


the tales of the second are written by the age
in a raindrop fits the entire Earth –
to speak about eternity, I would only need the beginning of a fairytale
once upon a time… and we find it unique
too much of a mystery and it will remain that way for a while… Once upon a time the chain that held the time without a verb broke and ever since
The Universe is wandering in its mind until the echo of the first sound looses its way
– Me, having been writing here about the second for over a quarter of century, and you who
without a doubt, will be reading, together, we are riding the wave of the echo, a sort of electrons between times and waters
Or maybe we are stones skipping the glossy surface of I don’t know what hand to whom we owe…

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