Self Dissipation – Lo spreco del sé – Risipa de sine

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


we waste attitudes to save the salvation of those
who are different from the standpoint of need
organizations that fight for the rights…
– the words continue to prostitute themselves on our lips
we cosmetize half feelings
and bear the echo of our future pains intersected with the old ones..
an organization to protect us from so many organizations
from so many alarmist extinctions.. that press on the wound of the normal person
if there are any left, they are urgently sought
we waste attitudes, half gestures, our lips acquire the colors of the side walk
the silence barks in us more painfully than the rheumatism in the joints
more than a toothache induced by clenched teeth
the world is ruled by speculators, charlatans and… your fear..
the most intimate shirt
we urgently need a new division of work without organizations
without sidewalks, without needs induced by subliminal…

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