without people-senza gente-fără oameni

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


Where are today the gods of Egypt, Asia, Europe, Greece or Rome?
Where did all the Gods of the long gone civilizations immigrate?
With their blood shedding experiences ode to God damn…
Hebrew horses seem to still haunt a world adrift…
We were converted to the God of Money by the heavy ones on Earth
(The Hebrews gave us Christianity, the grand ideas and the global profiteering demons…)
Tomorrow, will we pray to Cyber Gods, Robot Gods…?
“Where to” is forming bewildered, the broom of time stirs up the dust on the road.
The eyes of the Gods of Earth hold a tear, we are the bad salt
The Man, a two-face egotistical being, up to rubbing elbows with the Gods
He is falling down, picking himself up lopsided surprising and frightening
Well-known demons
The man, jello-like vertebrate beautiful creatures learn
The archeology of a smile
Bitter, sweet…

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