short – corto – scurt

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


The seconds are thresholds under which
I hit my head and I still don’t learn
Or crippled sheep, ignorant herds
Driven on dials with a stick
– second hand, stubborn and short
Let them graze on the white under which dreams are growing
And on the monotonous tic without a tac
I can hear the third stroke from the abyss
Whether I am climbing or descending,
I don’t know what I am doing –
Should I consider time a steal?
Because it secretly steals My enthusiasm and smile
Because I never got Higher than I am –
The shortest end of the ray


i secondi sono delle soglie sotto le quali
sbatto sempre la testa e ancora non imparo
o sono delle pecore storpie, mandrie ignare
spinte in quadranti con uno stecco
– secondario testardo e corto
per pascolare sul bianco sotto di cui crescono…

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