I am – io sono – eu sunt

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


One day the stars were cuddling in the dry grass,
One day the morning was so late that it was evening already
One day the steps were skipping the instep every three steps
People were inhabiting ruins, wearing them on their backs like shells,
Fishes had grown leaves and fruits, butterflies had armors, the nerves in the sky were vibrating like jello,
That day, the fairytale was code for laws, today… it’s the other way around:
The grass is dry all the way to the stars, the mornings are sticky with the spilled steps,
The ruins are quoted on the stock exchange together with their wrapping, empty hearts,
Fishes are silent in other ways, the armors are vibrating in mourning in the sky – I am the ground


Un giorno, le stelle sono state immerse nel erba secca,
Un giorno, la mattina arrivò così tardi che era già…

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