The hunger for death is fear of life – La fame di morte è la paura di vita – Foamea de moarte este frica de viață

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


How can I understand some people’s hunger
For always appearing what they’re not? … especially when
they have strong reasons to consider themselves what they already are
We consume energies and life in order to convince the surroundings that
“I am not how you think or see me”
One use values experience the present generations of glass and cement, silicium and rust…
We find a demonizing alibi in the prefix “post” – post – post/modernism, post – post/living…
A disorder engages us in a hostile race, us against us each one of us against everybody else,
We celebrate anthumously and presumptuously our own death, this death not ever being a fasting…


come potrei capire la fame di alcune persone
per apparire sempre ciò che non sono? … specialmente quando
hanno forti ragioni per considerare se stessi quello che già lo sono
consumiamo energie e vita al fine di…

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