Work in progress

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post


There is almost no street on my street anymore
The town levitates cockeyed,
Snack infatuations are distributed in hologram wrappers, grinning smiles
Are bringing down the sun at dawn and are breathing cubic breaths…
On my street, the rain is electric, slogans spring out of traffic lights
With all lights red,
The silhouettes of the inhabitants are offering each other drinks, squeezing or distilling obsessions –
The salvation of ruins of unfinished gestures turned into stone,
The windows of clothing shops absorb the darkness, let the world dress
In sounds and… each in his own eyelid
In restaurants they serve sprays with fluoride and calcium scents
Carbonated water is swallowed in capsules like antibiotics
Indifference has been declared state religion, the priests, they live in the left pocket
Of each citizen,
The kiss is a crime just like the greeting…
In this town there are no cemeteries, nor…

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2 thoughts on “Work in progress

  1. Nice vocab and flow! I wrote a poem similar to this in the 90s, tho’ more about the “techno-mass wonderment” – That’s the only phrase I can remember from it. It’s buried somewhere on a floppy disk… or maybe just lost. Will have to try to find it!

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