It rains infinitely – piove infinitamente – plouă infinit

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post


I met the little gold fish. He got ahead of me saying: I want
three wishes granted immediately….
And what would those three wishes be, little gold fish? I asked
The first one is that my Rosia Montana origin be acknowledged
There once was a sea in those parts
The second wish is a Rosia Montana identity card
And the third is for all the Romanians to have a Rosia Montana identity card because
All of them carry hidden inside their soul a little gold fish just like me…
It rains with greedy fishing rods and lead, fishing rods and apathies,
Fishing rods and big stone drops, the millenary ancestors of the place..
It rains


Ho incontrato il piccolo pesce d’oro. Comincia lui per primo dicendo: voglio tre desideri concessi immediatamente….
E quali sarebbero questi tre desideri, pesciolino d’oro? chiesi
Il primo è che riconoscere la mia origine…

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