as if you didn’t know – come se non lo sapessi – de parcă n-ai ști

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post


as if you didn’t know
that nerves are thinner than the scream of, oh, so many desires
unfulfilled according to your watch with a gold strap

with a smile, you buy my precarious calm
and sell it afterwards on the stock exchange of eyes glued to the back of your dress
on cosmopolitan streets
with a semi – sincere sigh you convince me to pour another drop of wine
well knowing that I will spill half of it on the table cloth, just like time,
in vain I offer to take your dresses to the dry cleaner, the nights without you don’t come out
I wonder in my mind, my mind thought mine but who knows really,
how stupid a smile makes a man, an unfinished gesture like an allusion, a ghost…
No, my nerves don’t swell because of you, it’s just that inexplicable timidity
when I could…

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