Injured dots – puntini lese – puncte vătămate

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual post


The word was uttered, there is no going back, the word knows no regrets

In the beginning was the dot Other dots grew at its core, genesis
Bewildered, the dot is moving happily unaware, until doubt transforms it into a winding coma

The reflection of the dot, Eve, just as the dot, Adam, couldn’t read or write
The punctuation marks were colors, waters, sounds, music…
The word renewed its vocabulary with a crucifixion – love
Motley dots, budding from the original story, had a different sort of schooling

Their hypocrisy as sword, fire and shield
After a while, the word will demand that all dots keep their word
After a different while, the dots are going to grow deaf in deafening way

Until the word descends through painful breaches, the suffering
What the present holds – the illusion reflected in wrong mirrors with no memory

we are dots…

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