The podding of the precarious destiny – la sgusciatura del destino precario – dezghiocarea destinului precar – 1

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post, the English translation by Michaela Jahn


If life is too short and often times, it lives us
If vices and virtues have remained unchanged for millennia
and if as beings, it is merely the coat of present that which gives us the illusion of progress
The Evil unevenly alternating with the Good, the variables not always dependent on attitudes,
The avalanche of effects from causes happened in immemorial times
If intolerance starts by any chance with the Self
and the future belongs to the round Ego, common conscience is pray to dilution
If any “if” is taxing us in blood, nerves and wrong aspirations
and channels us towards a sum of rambling, knowing that wherever you took it it’s still a ramble
If the vanguard philosophy means total virtualization
and the afterlife is exactly it
I, the self you, the self him,
Another I, another you, another him

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